7 inch (Female) ball requirements

The number of balls used in a regulation game is six (6). Four (4) 8.25″ and Two (2) 7″ female dodgeballs. the following rules apply to the 7″ female dodgeballs:

  • Only female players can throw the 7” dodgeballs while females are live in play on either side of the court. When all female players have been eliminated from the game, male players can then throw the 7” dodgeballs at opposing male players.
  • Male players can only do the following with the 7” female dodgeballs:
    • Pass or roll the female dodgeballs to females on their own team
    • Block dodgeballs being thrown at them by the opposing team
    • Throw only when ALL females have been eliminated from play on both sides of the court
    • Underhand roll back to the opposing team when no females remain on their side of the court (Please Note: male players must still throw the 8.25” dodgeballs either at someone or at least over the attack line)
  • If any male players are seen throwing the 7” female dodgeballs overhand in any manner (including “grounding”) at the opposing team while any females are on the court they will first be issued a warning (1 warning per team, per game) and after the initial warning will be called out. In both instances their throw will not count and the person they hit with the female dodgeball will remain in play.