COVID-19 Laws of the Game Modifications

Additional Laws of Competition for Playing in a COVID Environment


To enforce social distancing during the roster check-in procedure, we will use the following modified procedures:

  • The captain/manager of each team is responsible for bringing to the game and providing to the referee crew an updated roster of players on the team who will be playing in the match.  ONLY players listed on the roster—or added by the referee at the field—may participate in the match.
  • The roster the manager provides MUST include jersey numbers for each player.  The manager/Captain will affirm to the referee crew that the roster is correct and includes the names and jersey numbers of any guest players playing in that game.  Once the referee crew accepts this roster from the manager/captain, it becomes the official team roster for the game.  

Once the official copy of the roster is determined, the referee crew will then individually and verbally confirm each player and their jersey number as listed on the roster.

NOTE:  Due to social distancing requirements, the referee crew SHOULD NOT line up the players for this check-in.   Rather, the referee crew should position themselves near where the players are getting ready for the game and instruct the players that the referee crew will call out their name, at which time the player whose name is called must acknowledge to the referee crew that they are that person and confirm the jersey number they will wear for the match.  

  • If the player is wearing a number different from what is on the roster, the referee crew will update the roster to reflect the correct number.  Regardless, each player MUST wear a number that is unique from all other numbers on the field.  If the player does not have a jersey with a permanent number that is unique from all other numbers on their team, then they cannot play in the match. 
  • If the referee crew discovers at any time during the match that a team falsified roster information (including a player alleging/pretending to be another player during check-in) the Center Referee will suspend the match.  The referee MUST include details of this incident in their online match report AND notify ALAN the day of the game as the league will take immediate punitive action beginning with making the team forfeit the match regardless of the score of the match. 

Match Length

For 11v11 matches, halves are shortened to 38 minutes with a 4 minute halftime

Placement of Teams

Teams will sit on opposite side of the field.  All substitutes in the bench area, as well as team personnel and / or spectators MUST maintain appropriate social distancing while on the sidelines (6 feet apart).


It is suggested, but not required, that all players on the field and referees wear a mask during the match.  ALL substitutes on the bench, as well as any team personnel or spectators, MUST wear masks and/or socially distance while not playing on the field. 


Due to the serious danger of spreading COVID 19, no player or referee is allowed to spit while on the field or the sidelines.  If a participant in the match feels a medical necessity to spit, they will notify the referee and then leave the pitch.  Once they are at least 10 yards away from the field (preferably behind the goal area) and at least 6 feet from any other person, they can spit in any direction not towards the field.  They can return to the match with the referee’s permission.

  • If a player spits at another player or the referee, or spits in dissent of a referee’s call, they will be immediately ejected and cannot be substituted for (their team plays short the remainder of the match).  

Face to Face Confrontations

Due to the need for social distancing, and the fact that players and/or the referee may not be wearing a mask, there will be severe penalties (see below) for Face to Face confrontations (to include pushing/shoving as well as verbal challenges, taunts, dissent, and spitting).  In the event of a Face to Face confrontation:

  • Between two players on the same team—both players will be ejected from the match and must leave the field complex.  The ejected players can be substituted for (ie, the team does not have to play short);
  • Between two (or more) players from opposing teams—the players will be ejected from the match and must leave the field complex.  The ejected players CANNOT be substituted for, and the team(s) MUST play short;
  • Between a single player and the referee—the player will be ejected from the match and must leave the field complex.  The ejected player CANNOT be substituted for, and the team MUST play short.  The ejected player will sit out his/her team’s next two matches (or more, at the discretion of the league);
  • Between multiple players and the referee—ALL involved players (from one or both teams) will be ejected from the match and then the match will be terminated.  The ejected player(s) MUST sit out their teams next two matches (or more, at the discretion of the league).

Fighting and Mass Confrontation

Due to the danger the COVID-19 virus represents in a fight or a mass confrontation, the following additional penalties apply over and above the League’s already tough stance against fighting.  In any of these situations, the referee crew WILL NOT get involved to resolve the conflict.  IF the team managers/captains cannot quickly restore order, the referee will terminate the match and the referee crew will leave the field complex immediately:

  • If two or more players from either team(s) engage in a fight, the referee will immediately terminate the match.  The referee crew will identify in their report those players participating in the incident, and those participants will be suspended for their team’s next four games.  In addition, to the individual player sit outs, the team(s) participating in the fight will forfeit the match and MUST also forfeit their next two matches.
  • If a substitute on the bench leaves the bench area to participate in a fight, the individual will be ejected from the match and must leave the field complex.  The individual cannot participate in his/her team’s next four matches.  Because the player was a substitute, the team will not play short.
  • If a referee is assaulted or threatened (verbal or physical), the referee with terminate the match and the team whose players committed the assault/threat will forfeit the match.