Can I add players to my roster after the season started?

All players must register for the team (even if you paid the full team fee up front) so we know who's on the team, all league waivers are signed, and everyone is eligible for playoffs.

Yes!  If you are an established team captain, you can invite players through your dashboard to join your roster after the season has started and you have not met the max roster size.  There is a $10 late fee to sign-up after the season has started.

A player can signup only until the 1st playoff bracket is posted for your league.  Once any playoff bracket is posted (not just your division), all rosters lock and no other players may be invited or added to the roster.

Free agent team captains cannot add players to the roster, this is to keep team rosters fair for everyone who signed up individually. 

*Note: In order to make sure playoffs are fair for everyone, we will not remove a player unless you have 2 regular season games remaining.