Code of Conduct Policy

As a member of the FXA Sports community, we expect the following from each other:

  1. Respect the Game. We celebrate competition, but we are a recreational league, and fun is the most important thing. Treat the game and the officials with respect at all times.
  2. Respect the Officials. We work hard to recruit the best refs we can; to err is human, right? We may disagree with calls, but we treat referees as fellow humans and show respect and courtesy. Dissent is not tolerated.
  3. Respect the Opponent. It's just a game! Don’t taunt, mock, bait or otherwise put down your opponent. Foul, abusive, or racially-motivated language has no place in our league.
  4. Respect Yourself. Be the teammate you want to have; integrity is an expectation. Treat everyone at the field as you would a friend or colleague -- we share the same goal of sports, fun, and community!