How are games cancelled and rescheduled?

When games are cancelled due to weather, field/court availability changes, or other situations

We generally will not make a decision until after 3pm on weather cancellations, because that is when Fairfax County updates their field status each day. We typically cancel games 2 hours before gametime, and each roster player will receive an email or text (if enabled on their account) about the game cancellation or delay. Frequently, storms pop up throughout the evening and game suspension and cancellations occur on a field-by-field basis and are entirely subject to the judgment of the referee at the field.

If a game is cancelled due to inclement weather, all efforts will be made to reschedule for a future date on the same league day. However make-up games may be rescheduled on a different league day to keep the season on schedule.

All FXA leagues adhere to Fairfax County policy regarding severe weather (thunder, lightning) which all players, coaches, managers, and referees are responsible for implementing. It is a requirement that if any individual involved with the Leagueโ€“including non-playing spectatorsโ€“sees lightning or hears thunder, they must bring it to the refereeโ€™s attention immediately. EVERYONE shares in this responsibility. When a member of the referee crew sees lightning or hears thunder, or is alerted to such by a player, coach, manager, or spectator, the referee will immediately suspend play for 30 minutes. Everyone MUST clear the field and retreat to the parking lot. Anyone who remains on the field after the referee has ordered everyone off the field acknowledges that they do so at their own risk and that neither the League nor the referee crew assigned to the match can be held responsible or any injuries occurring as long as play is suspended. At no time may an individual ask the referee to ignore the lightning or thunder or insist that play be allowed to continue. The referee will wait 30 minutes from the last flash of lightning or peal of thunder. Each time lightning re-appears or thunder is heard, the referee MUST re-start the 30 minute clock. There are NO exceptions to this waiting period. Once 30 minute pass with no additional thunder or lightning, the referee will resume play with the appropriate re-start from when play was suspended. Because the League must operate within the constraints of field permits, the referee has the authority to shorten the halves of the game to try and complete the game or to cancel the match in its entirety.

In extreme circumstances, FXA reserves the right to run a shortened season without a refund. FXA will make every attempt to get all regular season games played, however for every two (2) game cancellations due to weather, the season may be shortened one (1) regular season game. FXA also reserves the right to schedule games on days other than your regularly scheduled league day/night if necessary.