How do I join the league?

Free agent signups, small groups, and team registration

Free Agent (Individual) Sign-up

New to the area? Looking for an activity? Want to play sports with best league in town? We register hundreds of individuals each season at every skill level interested in getting on the field. Whether you have been playing for years or never played before, joining as an independent player is the perfect opportunity to meet new teammates! 

Can I sign-up with some friends?

Absolutely!  If you want to join with friends but don’t have enough players for a full team simply use the Small Group Registration option. Here’s how it works:

  1. You’ll need to register using the small group registration and create a name for your group.
  2. Ask your friends to register using the small group registration, and select your group name. You can also send them an invitation to join your small group from your Dashboard.
  3. That's it -- now we know to place your group together on the same team!

Whether you've signed up solo or with your friends, you're all set! Once registration closes, we'll be in touch with your team assignment and everything you need to know for a fun and successful season. We try very hard to place all free agents / small groups. We go in order of registration, and only place players that have paid in full. If we are unable to place you, we will offer you options for other leagues or a full refund!

Team Sign-up

Whether you’re team building for your company or entering a league team that has been playing together for years, joining FXA Sports as a Full Team is the right option for you. As team captain you control your roster and save money compared to individual registration.  You can either pay your team fees up front, or divide it up and have your players pay us directly, no hassle!