Indoor 4v4 Volleyball Modifications

4v4 rules follow indoor 6v6 rules with the following modifications



Each team must consist of a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 8 players, 18 years of age or older. Two (2) males and two (2) females must compete on each side of the court, as the 4 players. A team may play with a minimum of 2 players, but must play a minimum of 1 females. Teams must also play a minimum of 1 female if only 3 players are available to play. If a team has fewer than 2 players, the game will be forfeited.


Each match will last 45 minutes

 If time runs out, games will end with the current score. Stoppage of play will be determined by the referee, at the end of the point.

  • Teams will play 3 sets within the allotted time. Each set will be played to 21 points.
  • Teams must have a 2 points advantage to win, with a cap of 25 points (teams may win by a 1 point advantage when 25 points is achieved).
  • Teams will switch sides at 11 points during the 3rd game.
  • All games will be rally scoring (points will be awarded to either the serving or receiving team).


  • There is no gender hit rule.
  • Substitution will be made in between points and to the service position.
  • Each team will have one, 30 seconds, timeout per game.
  • There is no β€œGhost Rule”.