Men's Lacrosse Rules

Except as otherwise noted, the NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rule book (High School) will be in effect.

Playing Field/Equipment

  • The field will be 110 yards long and 60 yards wide.
  • FXA will supply regulation fields and goals, all other equipment is the responsibility of
    the participant.
  • All players must wear a numbered shirt with a large number on the back.
  • The goalkeeper must wear proper protection including a chest and throat protector.
  • All players must wear a protective helmet with a chin pad and chin strap.
  • All players must have a legal crosse.
  • It is recommended that players also wear mouth guards, shoulder pads, arm pads and gloves.

Team Rosters

  • Teams must have a minimum of 10 players and a maximum of 25.
  • Teams may have 10 players on the field at one time.
  • If a team cannot field at least 8 players including a goalie, they automatically forfeit. 

Regulation Game

  • The game will be two 25 minute halves with a running clock, except in the last two minutes of the second half. There will be a 3 minute halftime.
  • Each team gets one 30-second timeout per half.
  • Regular season games will end in a tie.
  • Playoff games will have a 3 minute sudden death overtime (officials will conduct a coin toss, visitors call, winner chooses goal to defend / alternate possession remains as it was during play).
  • A tie after sudden death overtime will result in sudden death Braveheart (teams defend the same goal as they were during overtime / each team has one field player and a goalie / goalie may not cross the midfield line / Braveheart begins with a face off / Substitutions are not allowed during the Braveheart / there will be additional Bravehearts until a winner is determined.

Game Play

  • Game will start with a coin toss, visitor calls, winner chooses a goal to defend or first alternate possession / loser gets the remaining choice.
  • Once your team establishes possession, an advancement 30 second count will begin to get into your offensive box.
  • Only the goalie can touch the ball with their hands.
  • An opponent cannot enter the crease, but can reach their stick into the crease, or be above the crease when shooting.
  • When the ball goes out of bounds, the opposing team gets it, unless it goes out of bounds after a shot then the team with the player closest to the ball gets it.
  • Any player who accumulates five minutes of personal fouls, is removed from the game.
  • Fouls include unnecessary roughness, slashing, targeting the head, cross-checking, tripping, illegal body checking, or unsportsmanlike conduct.

Player Actions

  • Body checking the opponent with possession of the ball, or 5 yards of a loose ball is legal.
  • Checking must be above the waist and below the neck and from the front side.
  • There should be no targeting the head or neck with a cross check. Violating this results in a minimum 3 minute non-releasable foul at the official’s discretion and possible ejection.
  • A player cannot use his hands or arms to push another player with possession of the ball.
  • A player may not make contact with the goalie, if the goalie is in the crease.


  • Face-offs happen at the beginning of each half and after each goal is scored (also at the beginning of overtime and braveheart).