How do playoffs work?

We're here to have fun, but getting a trophy is pretty sweet too!

All FXA Sports leagues have playoffs (unless noted otherwise on your league info page). 

How many teams make playoffs?

  • As a general rule, the top half of the division makes the playoffs.
  • In Social divisions, where the focus isn't on playoffs but on having fun, just the top two teams will compete for the trophy.

When are playoffs scheduled?

  • Always assume that playoffs will begin on your league day immediately following the conclusion of the league (note: your last game may not be the end of the league for all teams in your division). 
  • We will publish the bracket and notify all playoff teams as soon as all scores are in.


  1. To qualify for playoffs, you must have a winning record. This is in addition to finishing in the top half (i.e. - if you're the 4th place team in an 8 team division, but have a 3-5 record, you will not make playoffs. Likewise, a 5th place team in an 8 team division will not make playoffs, regardless of record). NOTE:  In a 7 or 8 game league, a winning record is defined as having at least 4 wins, and fewer than 4 losses (i.e. - 3-3-2 is not a winning record).
  2. Standings are determined by standings points (soccer) or overall win-loss record (all other sports). Ties in the standings are broken by predetermined rules published on your league standings page.
  3. In a division with an odd number of teams, "top half" can be either rounded up or down depending on record (i.e. - in a 9 team division, either 4 or 5 teams will make playoffs, depending on the record of the 5th team). 

The below sport-specific info does not supersede the above requirements, but is in addition to it.


  • For any 8 game soccer league, you must have 13 standings points to qualify (3 points are awarded for wins, 1 point for ties).
  • For 6 game soccer leagues, you must have 10 standings points to qualify.


  • Due to time constraints (spring field opening and fall field closing dates), softball leagues are limited to top 4 teams making playoffs in all divisions with 6+ teams. 
  • If there are fewer than 6 teams in a division, then only the top half will make playoffs.