Slide Tackling

Player safety is our top priority -- our league strictly prohibits slide tackling in any game

Slide tackling is prohibited in all matches. Players are permitted to slide to play a ball provided they are NOT in proximity to any other player. If in the referees opinion the slide tackle is reckless and could injure a player, a Caution (Yellow Card) MUST be issued. If in the referees opinion a slide tackle is violent with intent to injure a player deliberately, the player will be ejected (Red Card).

Further Clarification of Slide tackling: The League does not allow slide tackling; this is a safety rule for the League. Does that mean that a player can never leave their feet? No! A player may slide to make a play on the ball, provided there are no other players within playing distance of the ball. Like with most other soccer laws, it is the judgment of the referee that will determine whether another player is within playing distance of the ball when a slide tackle is taken. Thus, you don't have to touch or make contact with another player to have violated the leagues law on slide tackling.

Note about goalkeepers: A goalkeeper may slide to make a save, provided that in doing so they do not violate the law against slide tackling. While incidental contact may occur, a goalkeeper sliding to cradle the ball will not be penalized. If contact is made due to a goalkeeper sliding toward an opponent leading with the feet, the slide tackle law would apply.