Small group guidelines

You're signing up with friends, so here's what you should know!

Signing up as a small group is the same as individual/free agent signup, except we know to place you together on the same team.

There are no specific limits on small group size, but know that no matter how large your group is, you'd most likely still be placed on a team with others. 

For co-ed leagues, the male to female ratio of your group matters.

When we build teams, there are X male spots, and Y female spots. If you group takes up a majority of the male spots, and only has 1-2 females, your group becomes very hard to place.

Example: Jack signs up for a co-ed 11v11 soccer league with several friends. He ends up with 6 males in his group, and one female. The free agent team would have 12-14 males, and ideally 6-8 females. Jack's group takes up half the team's available male spots, but only 1/6 female spots. That means the remaining 5-7 females needed for that team can't be tied to more than 6 males.

In this scenario, even though there is a female in the group, we may not be able to place them on a team!

Here's the general idea: Its a little bit like Tetris, but we do our very best to place as many players as possible every season. The way you can help maximize your chances of being placed is to sign up early, and in a co-ed league, to sign up with a female player, and not a unwieldy ratio of males to females in your group.  If you want to see where your group stands before registration closes, just send us an email at!