Temporary Dismissal (Sin Bin)

We want to help you stay in the game, and thus have adopted FIFA's Sin Bin Policy

Beginning in 2018, FIFA and USSF have adopted a new policy regarding Temporary Dismissals for players who are cautioned in a match. In accordance with FIFA Guidelines (IFAB Laws of the Game, pgs 26-29), โ€œA temporary dismissal is when a player commits a cautionable (Yellow Card) offence and is punished by an immediate โ€œsuspensionโ€ from participating in the next part of that match. The philosophy is that an โ€œinstant punishmentโ€ can have a significant and immediate positive influence on the behavior of the offending player, and potentially, the playerโ€™s team.

  • The length of the temporary dismissal for all FXA games is 10% of the match (6 minutes for 8v8 games). The length of the dismissal is the same for all offences.
  • The temporary dismissal period begins when the referee restarts play AFTER the offending player has left the field of play and is in the Sin Bin. The offending playerโ€™s team will play short for the entire temporary dismissal period.
  • The offending player must serve the entire time, regardless of whether the opposing team scores one or more goals during this period.