Why am I (or my players) not receiving emails or team invites?

Anytime someone doesn't receive an email from our system (league notice, player invite, etc.), almost always it is because you unsubscribed from email. We get it, no one wants spam, but you DO want to get signed up!

Here's the deal, we use a system for registration (LeagueApps) that we only use to send you info about your registrations. We use a different system to send you informational updates, season start information, etc. You can unsubscribe from our "marketing" emails if you like (but why would you?? -- we only send a couple emails each month, and they're always relevant to you, and we never sell your information), but please don't unsubscribe from LeagueApps based email. That's how you get registration confirmations, player invites, receipts, etc.!

Here's how to check status/resubscribe to emails for LeagueApps:

  1. Login to your Dashboard
  2. Click Account Settings
  3. If you see "Email status: Unsubscribed", we've found the issue!
  4. Click the "Enable Email" button to resubscribe to game reminders, player invites, etc.