Women's Lacrosse Rules

Except as otherwise noted, the NFHS Girls Lacrosse Rule book (High School) will be in effect.

    Playing Field/Equipment

    • The Field will be 110 yards long and 60 yards wide.
    • FXA will supply regulation fields and goals, all other equipment is the responsibility of the participant.
    • All players must wear a numbered shirt with a large number on the back. 
    • The goalkeeper must wear proper protective equipment:
      • Helmet with face ask and properly secured chinstrap
      • Throat protector
      • Padded gloves
      • Thigh padding - shorts or pants with integrated protective padding
    • All players must wear lacrosse goggles and mouth guards.
      • Tooth and mouth protectors that cover both the teeth and lips WITHOUT a protruding tab are legal. (i.e. pacifier mouth piece is improper equipment.)

    Team Rosters

    • Teams must have a minimum of 12 players and maximum of 25
    • Teams have 12 players on the field at one time.
    • If a team cannot field at least 9 players including a goalie, they automatically forfeit. 
      • Forfeit score will be 10-0
      • The grace period is 5 minutes and does not come off the game time.

    Regulation Game

    • The game will be two 25 minute halves with a running clock and a 5 minute half time. 
    • Each team get one 30 second timeout per half
    • Regular season games will end in a tie. 
    • Playoff games will have a 3 minute sudden death overtime (officials will conduct a coin toss, visitors call, winner chooses goal to defend / alternate possession remains as it was during play).
    • A tie after sudden death overtime will result in sudden death Braveheart (teams defend the same goal as they were during overtime / each team has one field player and a goalie / goalie may not cross the midfield line / Braveheart begins with a face off / Substitutions are not allowed during the Braveheart / there will be additional Bravehearts until a winner is determined.

    Game Play

    • Game will start with a coin toss, visitor calls, winner chooses a goal to defend or first alternate possession / loser gets the remaining choice.
    • 90 Second possession clock with begin when one team gains possession of the ball
    • Only the goal keeper can touch the ball with their hands inside the crease/goal circle. 
    • There can only be 7 attackers and 7 defenders below the restraining line at any time.
    • An opponent cannot enter the crease, but can reach their stick into the crease, or be above the crease when shooting.
    • 3 second Rule: A defensive player is penalized for being inside the 8-meter arc longer than 3- seconds without marking a player on the opposing team.
      •  Any defensive player inside the 8-meter arc must be guarding another player, they can't be in the middle of the arc alone.
    • Blocking, Charging, Dangerous stick in the sphere, forcing through, holding, tripping or warding off are all illegal actions
    • Illegal use of the stick includes but not limited to: poking or waving the stick near an opponentโ€™s face, Recklessly checking an opponentโ€™s stick, making a sweeping check from behind, reaching across an opponentโ€™s body, and/or hooking an opponentโ€™s stick.
    • Simultaneous whistle on fouls that happen on shots (particularly shooting space). If a whistle is blown for shooting space at the same time the ball is released and the ball enters the goal, the goal counts.

    Player Actions

    • Cross checking is a foul. It is illegal for a player to initiate stick to body contact and use the shaft of the stick to hit, push or displace an opponent.
    • If a player is called for a shooting space penalty, the player who was fouled receives a free position at the hash mark nearest the spot of the foul
    • If a player is called for a 3 second penalty, the free position is administered at the hash mark nearest to the spot of the ball on the 8 meter arc.


    • Each half and overtime period and after each goal the game is started/restarted with a draw.