Batting Line-Ups

The Non-Approved Bat List:


Below are the instructions to follow when setting your batting line-ups and keeping score of your games:

  1. Batting line-ups should be set prior to the start of the game.  Line-ups should be set similar to that of a baseball game batting line-up where the batting order remains consistent throughout the game with players batting in the same spots in the order they were given before the start of the game.  After you have completed setting your line-up you must share it with the opposing team captain so they can add it to their score book.
  2. Line-up modifications – Any modifications to the batting line-up (substitutions, additions, insertion of late arrivals, etc) should be shared with the opposing captain so they are aware of the changes and can continue to maintain their score book accordingly. This will ensure that there are no issues when the score exchanges occur.
  3. Score exchanges – Courtesy score exchanges should occur each 1/2 inning, and at the completion of the game, so both teams are on the same page and have the same score throughout and at the end of the game.

These guidelines will help make the job of the captain much easier and will assist in resolving any scoring issues that may arise during game play. Please remember to maintain these common courtesies and acts of good sportsmanship as it creates a better overall game experience for everyone.