Softball Rules (60 mins and 75 mins)

Except as otherwise noted in these rules, the USA Softball rules will be in effect.

The Non-Approved Bat List:


Game Time:

  • 60 minute games (or 7 innings of play whichever comes first). No new inning after 50 minutes, finish the current inning. If the current inning has not been completed at the end of the 60 minute game time the score will reflect the last completed inning. 4 innings (3 Β½ if the home team is ahead) is an official game.
  • Single 75 minute game (or 7 innings of play whichever comes first). No new inning after 65 minutes, finish the current inning. If the current inning has not been completed at the end of the 75 minute game time the score will reflect the last total completed inning. 4 innings (3 Β½ if the home team is ahead) is an official game.
  • 10 minute grace period is allowable for the 1st game of the night/day; comes off game time.
  • Tie ball games after game time has elapsed will be recorded as ties. (excluding playoffs)
  • 1 pitch softball will be used if game is tied and within time limit at the end of 7 innings.

Game Equipment:

  • Bats only on the approved USA Softball bat list, and NOT on the USA Softball Non-Approved Bat List, are acceptable.  Stamps other than ASA/USA Softball, is considered an illegal bat and NOT acceptable (see stamp examples below).  However, if a bat has a stamp(s) other than ASA/USA Softball, plus an ASA/USA Softball stamp, the bat is acceptable.  An opposing team captain may ask the umpire to confirm that an opponent's bat is legal. If the umpire deems a bat illegal, the player using that bat will be removed from that night's game(s), and the following week's games.
  • Ball acceptable for game play is a 12 inch, .52 COR, 300 compression softball.
  • Each team must provide and hit its own approved softballs for play.
  • No official team uniforms are required, but they are highly recommended.
  • No metal cleats are acceptable at any time.
  • Acceptable stamps: 
    asa slowpitch softball stampusa softball slowpitch stamp
  • NOT acceptable illegal stamp examples:
    old usssa slowpitch softball stampnew usssa slowpitch softball stamp
    isa slowpitch fastpitch softball stampnsa slowpitch fastpitch softball stamp

Team Lineup:​

  • 10 player maximum in the field (8 player minimum).
  • If a team does not have the 8 player minimum to start and/or finish a game, that game becomes a forfeit.
  • Teams have the option to loan a player(s) to the opposing team to avoid a forfeit.
  • All roster players may be in the batting lineup, regardless if they play in the field. No player can be in the batting lineup more than once. Any lineup modifications to the batting lineup (substitutions, additions, insertion of late arrivals, etc.) must be shared with opposing team captain.
  • Injured players: when a player is injured during game play you may replace them in the lineup if you have extra players not already playing in the field, if this is not possible the team is assessed an out at the injured player’s spot in the lineup. Opposing team may also loan a player if they so choose.
  • Team Captain’s are responsible for lineup/roster exchange prior to the start of the game.
  • If an illegal player (non-rostered player) is discovered playing on a team during any playoff game, the game will become a forfeit loss for the team committing the infraction.  A team may request an ID check to the umpire.

Game Play:

  • USA Softball Pitching Requirements with the following exception:
    • Pitcher must deliver the ball with a sensible arc and reach a height of at least 6 feet from the ground, while not exceeding a maximum height of 12 feet from the ground.
    • Pitcher must deliver the ball from the mound or up to 6 feet behind the mound.
  • Batter begins each turn at bat with a 1-1 count. (1 ball & 1 strike)
  • One courtesy foul ball is given to a batter who has two strikes against them.  The next foul or strike after the courtesy foul ball, is an out.
  • Base on balls or walks equal advancement to 1st base.
  • No bunting.
  • No base stealing shall take place at any time.
  • One (1) courtesy runner may be used each Β½ inning.
  • Score exchange – Captains responsible for courtesy score exchanges with opponent each Β½ inning and at the completion of the game.
  • Five (5) Home Run Limit. After a team has hit five (5) Home Runs, all subsequent Home Runs will be scored as a double.
  • Home Run at Falls Church High School for Winter league:  Left field tree’s = Home Run, Grass on a fly elsewhere = Home Run, Ball that rolls onto the grass = live ball.
  • Balls that are caught in nets or advance through a fence are scored a ground rule double.
  • 15 run slaughter rule after 4 innings (3 Β½ if the home team is ahead).

Inclement Weather & Make-Up Games:

  • If the umpire calls the game after completing four (4) innings of game play (3 Β½ if the home team is ahead), it counts as a complete and legal game.  If four (4) innings (or 3 Β½ if the home team is ahead) have not been completed prior to the game being called it would not count and be made up at a later date, pending available field space and league end dates.
  • If rain/snow ensues prior to or during your game it is up to the umpire to decide whether the conditions are safe and playable. A rain delay of up to 15 minutes comes off game time.
  • If a game is cancelled due to inclement weather, make-up games may be scheduled on another day than usual game days (typically Sunday evenings are make-up game day). Email notifications will be sent to players when games are cancelled and it will be posted on the league schedule on the website.

Batting Line-Ups:

Below are the instructions to follow when setting your batting line-ups and keeping score of your games:

  1. Batting line-ups should be set prior to the start of the game.  Line-ups should be set similar to that of a baseball game batting line-up where the batting order remains consistent throughout the game with players batting in the same spots in the order they were given before the start of the game.  After you have completed setting your line-up you must share it with the opposing team captain so they can add it to their score book.
  2. Line-up modifications – Any modifications to the batting line-up (substitutions, additions, insertion of late arrivals, etc) should be shared with the opposing captain so they are aware of the changes and can continue to maintain their score book accordingly. This will ensure that there are no issues when the score exchanges occur.
  3. Score exchanges – Courtesy score exchanges should occur each 1/2 inning, and at the completion of the game, so both teams are on the same page and have the same score throughout and at the end of the game.

These guidelines will help make the job of the captain much easier and will assist in resolving any scoring issues that may arise during game play. Please remember to maintain these common courtesies and acts of good sportsmanship as it creates a better overall game experience for everyone.