Co-ed Softball Motifications

Co-ed Softball (60 min and 75 mins) will follow the softball rules, with the following modifications

Team Lineup:

  • 10 players in the field (4 female minimum). No more than 6 males in field at any time.
  • 8 or 9 players are acceptable for play (5 or 6 men & 3 women) with a one (1) out assessment that should be placed in the batting lineup for each missing player prior to the captain’s roster exchange.
  • All roster players may be in the batting lineup (no more than 2 males can bat in a row), regardless if they play in the field. No player (male or female) can be in the batting lineup more than once (e.g. females batting twice in a lineup to bat more male players is not allowed). Any lineup modifications to the batting lineup (substitutions, additions, insertion of late arrivals, etc.) must be shared with opposing team captain.
  • Injured players: when a player is injured during game play you may replace them in the lineup (male for male, female for female) if you have extra players not already playing in the field (straight substitution). If this is not possible, the team is assessed an out at the injured player’s spot in the lineup. Opposing team may also loan a player if they so choose.

Game Play:

  • Base on balls or walks equal advancement to 1st base (same for males & females), EXCEPT with two outs, when a male player is walked and a female batter is on deck, he is awarded 2nd base and the female batter has the option to hit or accept a walk to 1st base prior to her first pitch. When a male is walked, and a male batter is on deck he is
    only awarded 1st base.
  • One (1) courtesy runner may be used each ½ inning. (males for males, females for females)
  • No home run limit.