Tennis Rules - Singles

United States Tennis Association (USTA) rules govern all play except where modified below by FXA Sports and local rules.

Team Size

  • Each team consists of one (1) player on the court at all times.
  • Substitutes may NOT be used.


  1. All matches will be self-officiated.
  2. Matches are won by the player that wins two (2) sets first (Best of 3 sets).
  3. Sets are won by the first player to win four (4) games (Best of 7 games).
  4. Sets do not have tiebreakers.
  5. Games are won by the first player to score four (4) points (15, 30, 40, Winner).
  6. There is No Advantage Scoring.  The next player to score after deuce will win the game.
  7. Home player will choose to serve first or choose which side they prefer to play on (not both).
  8. Enter total amount of sets won when reporting scores.
  9. Grace Period - A team must forfeit if they don't have the minimum number of players on the court ready to play 10 minutes after the game start time.


  1. Please wear Tennis shoes.
  2. You are required to bring your own racket and balls.

Inclement Weather and Make-Up Matches

  1. If the match becomes unplayable after completing one (1) set and five (5) games of the second (2nd) set, it counts as a complete and legal match.  The player that has the most sets and games won after one (1) set and five (5) games of the second (2nd) set, is the winner of the match.  If one (1) set and five (5) games of the second (2nd) set have not been completed prior to the match becoming unplayable, the match will not count, and will be rescheduled in full by the league, pending available court space and league end dates.
  2. If rain ensues prior to or during your match, it is up to each player to discuss and decide whether the conditions are safe and playable. A rain delay of up to 15 minutes comes off the match time.
  3. If a match is cancelled by the league ahead of time due to inclement weather, make-up matches will be scheduled on usual match days, or may be scheduled on another day than usual match days, due to league end dates. Email notifications will be sent to players when games are cancelled and it will be posted on the league schedule on the website.