Caution Cards & Offenses

The FXA Sports community will not condone or tolerate violations of our Code of Conduct, Sportsmanship Policy, or the Laws of the Game.

All participants are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct and Sportsmanship Policy at all times.

  • The League endorses a zero tolerance approach to foul, abusive, or degrading language. Foul and abusive language includes, but is not limited to, profanity, racial/gender/religious/ethnic slurs or degrading comments, and harassing or demeaning words, phrases, or gestures.
  • The League endorses a zero tolerance approach to dissent of a referee's call. When a player or a substitute on the bench persistently dissents, regardless of whether foul, abusive, or degrading language is used, the referee will eject the player/substitute. When a player on the field is ejected for dissent, the team may replace that player (at the referee's discretion) and DOES NOT have to play down a player. When either a player or a substitute on the bench is ejected for dissent, they must immediately leave the field and the surrounding area. 

Caution Cards and Match Sit-Outs

The Caution Card Report may be found here: 

Cautionable Offenses (Yellow Card)

  1. Unsporting Behavior (USB)
  2. Dissent
  3. Slide Tackle
  4. Persistent Infringement
  5. Interfering with the goalkeeper
  6. Fail to Respect the Required Distance (10 yard rule)
  7. Enter/Leave the field of play without the referees permission
  8. Attempt to deceive the referee (faking an injury, taking a dive

Ejection (Red Card)

  1. Double Yellow
  2. Persistent Dissent
  3. Foul and Abusive Language
  4. Serious Foul Play
  5. Violent Conduct
  6. Denying a goal scoring opportunity
  7. Spitting at, Hitting, Striking
  8. Fighting


  • Two Yellow Cards - 1 game
  • Red Card - 2 games
  • Violent Red Card - 4 games (minimum)